Angels and You (E-book)

Angels and You (E-book)
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Angels and You is a revelation from the Holy Spirit about the important ministry of angels in the lives and affairs of believers.

Many believers, like natural men, are totally oblivious of the activities of angels in their lives or the help that God offers His children through the ministry of angels. In this book, Rev. Olusola Areogun provides a rare insight into the operations of angels in the lives of believers: how they minster for us, how they protect us, how they help gather supplies and how they are instruments of God to bring miracles to pass. Rev. Areogun makes the important point that angels (with their far-reaching powers and God-given ability) are part of the package of salvation which God intends for believers to enjoy: they are to minister for us who are heirs of salvation!

As a believer, this book will open your eyes to some of the advantages of the new birth that you have been missing though your ignorance of the ministry of angels and how to activate them to work for you. As a minister of God, this book will show you new areas you never thought of where angelic assistance is just what you need to take you to your next level of accomplishment in fulfilling the commission that God has committed to your hands. Read it meditatively and new realms of possibilities will open up to you through the ministry of angels working the will of God in your life.

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