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Wife, stop complaining about your husband! WStop quarrelling with him. God has not raised your home to be a battle ground. The “war of words” that goes on in some homes make the home unbearable for the Holy Spirit. When Noah was on top of the flood, he released the dove to go out when the rain had stopped but the waters were not dry. The dove went and came back because there was no room, no dry place to stay. Does God have room in your house? Where there is strife, where there is envy, the Bible says there will be every evil work (Jam. 3:16). And where there is evil work, the Holy Spirit has no power. The Holy Spirit seemingly
Introduction cannot do anything in such a family and the children are always the victim. Woman, learn to use words of kindness. Say kind words in your home, not words of quarrel or words of tension. Stop quarrelling with and getting bitter at your husband. Stop holding him responsible for what is not working. Stop comparing him with another person. Generally, women always love to talk among themselves, sharing on different issues with friends. For example, a woman may tell her friend, “Look at the wristwatch that my husband bought for me the last time he went to Australia.” So when the friend returns to her home, the devil will start to preach negative sermons to her about her husband: “Since you have married this man, what
has he bought for you? Even a rubber band he has not bought let alone wristwatch. Even though he
has not gone to Australia at least he went to Lagos, what did he buy?” Don't let the devil preach the
gospel of bitterness into your soul, such that when your husband comes and asks for his food you begin
to ask him: “What have you ever bought for me in this house?” The man will just be dumbfounded
trying to correlate the question he asked and your response. And this is because you've been listening
to a demonic sermon. You've been hearing a dangerous message. Stop competing with your husband; you are not competitors. Don't seek to outdo him. The moment you heard that your husband got an offer to go to
Abuja, North Central Nigeria, you too started processing how you will go to Port Harcourt, South South Nigeria. You are not competitors; you are to complement him. You are to blend together. You are to mesh into him and be one powerful entity that God can work with. You are to do him good and not evil all the days of your life. You are to be a blessing to him. When we started Women in Ministry Mentorship Programme  WIMMP) in our church, I personally taught all the courses directly for the first year. There was one lady that was always asking one question which she asked until she graduated, and I always gave her the same answer. She would say, “Excuse me mummy, you are always talking about pastors' wives, giving us ounsel that a wife should join her husband to do his destiny. What about pastor's husband? What about the husband joining the wife to do her own destiny?” Then I told her that it would be better for her not to marry because of the wrong mindset she had or she would marry a brother that is dense in the spirit, who has no
connection with heaven and is not aware of the plan of God for him, so she could do with him whatever
she wanted. For such a woman, she's putting the cart before the horse because until a seed of corn is buried into the soil and dies it remains alone (John 12:24). But as soon as it dies in the soil after being buried, it begins to germinate. If it stays in the corner of the stalk and says that it will grow big, multiply and become a tree in the corner of the stalk, you know that is not possible. If it will be more than that seed of corn as it is, then it must die. Someone has to bury it deep into the ground. It would be forgotten and die, thereafter it will begin to germinate and grow from a little bud, to a blade, then a full grown plant of the corn, and then the multiplied version will come out.

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