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This book came out of the word that God gave me on the 9 of July 2005 for married people at the Dream
Centre of the Life Oasis Int'l Church. It was an urgent prophetic gathering specifically called by God to summon couples and sensitize them to the state of their marriage and the necessary amendment they have to make to stop the evil the devil has been perpetuating in homes through the ignorance and insensitivity of couples. This is a very peculiar and significant book and I implore you to connect to the purpose of the Holy Spirit behind this book and the power that is determined to be released into homes through this book as you read. There is a positive change that this book is meant to bring to every home. I pray that you will remember reading this book and date it to positive changes in your home and every area of your life.

Although it is a book written for married people, it is highly recommended for every single to read and
understand before they enter into marriage. This will make the singles' journey into marriage sweet and in line with the divine counsel. It is real wisdom to be wise before the event and not after the event. For couples, I will advise you read together with your spouse, sit together and make critical decisions on the points made in this book. Highlight where your family is missing it, make decisions and draw out steps to take to walk in the fullness of divine intent for your home. The keyword that God has put in my heart in this
prophetic book is “Joint”. Are you joined together? What are you joined to? What is joined to you? Those are the key questions that you must take from this book. After reading this book, there must be a joining to something greater than anything that is fighting you in life. And if you can enter into that correct joining, you will receive greater anointing and greater power in your marriage and in all your affairs than you have ever walked in. After more than two decades of marriage and over three decades of ministry, I have seen the marriage union from different perspectives practically in the lives of people and through the teaching of the Holy Spirit. The principles in this book are not just words but nuggets of wisdom inspired by the Holy Spirit which I have been applying having being on this road of marriage for 25 years. The word that God is  peaking to you is JOINING. Other keywords attached to this are “Joint” and “Join”. I don't want you to forget this word and its paraphernalia. The knowledge and application of the principles of Joining are
going to make a difference in your life from this time if taken heed to.

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