Following the faith of Abraham - Olusola Areogun.pdf

Following the faith of Abraham - Olusola Areogun.pdf
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Much has been written and said on the subject of faith in the past and the recent, so why write another book on faith? Many have written negative things about faith and faith preachers. In fact, the faith movement has been under a ruthless assault, both from within and without the BODY of Christ in the last TEN years. Much of these attacks are unwarranted, while a lot is due to an unbalanced presentation of this foundational truth by many. This book is, first and foremost, my personal testimony of faith that “FAITH IN GOD WORKS.” Starting ministry straight from school and from scratch, never working for pay for anyone but God and TWENTY PLUS years down the road, leading a ministry that is involved in an outreach that is gradually becoming international, with the headquarters at Osogbo, Osun State, one of the poorest states in Nigeria; I can safely say GOD IS FAITHFUL and FAITH IN GOD WORKS! Following the faith of Abraham is not a sermon, but our story! Second, I have written this book as an obedience to God’s instruction to “turn my radio messages into book form” for generations to come to have access to these truths. Third, this book attempts to clear some of the confusion on the subject of faith. Like Dr Fred Price said, “Faith is not the only subject in the Bible, but it is the most important one.” I agree with this statement. The devil will try to distort this message of faith because without faith you cannot have victory over Satan (1 John 5:4) and without faith you cannot please God (Heb. 11:6). Finally, this book is written to encourage all those who have tried to live by faith or have chosen to live by faith: DON’T GIVE UP , FAITH IN GOD WORKS! The life of Abraham serves as the greatest encouragement to any adventurer of faith in the Bible. So read on and be encouraged to complete the journey of faith! Olusola Ayodele Areogun (Rev.)

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